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 SVR07 Mankind (original) CAW

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PostSubject: SVR07 Mankind (original) CAW   Thu Oct 09, 2008 8:58 pm

Name: Mankind
HUD: Mankind
Announcer: Any
Hometown: Long Island, New York
Weight: 264 lbs
Match tactic: Dirty
Show: Raw
Voice: any
Match specialty: Hardcore

Head Morphing
Head: -13,11,7
Forehead: 1,-19,8,10

Face Morphing
Eyebrows: -48,26,3,16
Eyes: 7,-2,1,10,8,2,-11
Nose: 10,-8,13,8,-1,6,-6,0
Cheeks: 20,14,-3,16
Mouth: 10,-5,-7,10,-3,-2,-7
Jaw: -6,-3,12,6,4,12
Ears: Default
Aging: 27

Body Type: -20
Neck: -15,10,-4
Chest: 14,29,-26
Shoulder: 0,41,50
Abdomen: 12,63,30
Waist: 56,27
Arms: 4,12,27
Hands: 12,23,6
Legs: -11,53,27
Feet: 1,6,0

Body Height: 6’2”
Body Skin: 6

Eyes: 2
Teeth: 2
Hair: 44: style long: colour 80,21,-9
Body Hair: 5
Mask: 14: colour: 82,24,-61,100
Head Design: 103 Largest V 2nd H Place as high as you can in the centre of his forehead as an extension to the mask Colour: 81,21,-14,100
Head Design: 103 Rotate once largest H largest V Place at the bottom of his visible cheek same colour as previous layer.
Costume: 13 Colour: 82,21,-45,100
Wrist Band both arms 13 Colour: 81,0,-25,100,100
Design right arm: 103 Largest V 3rd H Cover middle and ring fingers to make his glove Colour: 81,30,-24,100
Wrist band both arms: 17 Colour 82,24,-34,100
Shoes: 4 Colour 82,35,-37
Makeup: 50
Men’s Cloths: 11 style lose and tucked in. Colour 82,25,-61
Alphabet: pg 11 T Largest H 3rd V Place on the top left side of his chest Colour: 80,22,-12,100
Alphabet: pg 12 o Largest V 2nd H Place on top of T same colour
Alphabet: pg 12 x Largest H 2nd V Place on the stem of the T Same colour
Alphabet: pg 12 . 2nd V 2nd H Place in centre of o same colour

i took this off of another site since im not allowed on submit site

these are the image of the caw.
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SVR07 Mankind (original) CAW
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